Rise to The 131,000 Challenge

 Give Your Muscles Or Your Money On Thursday, May 12, 2016 at Folsom Expo

In 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) reported there were an estimated 131,000 homeless veterans on the streets on any given night.  Five percent of those were estimated to be women.  Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, the Secretary of the VA, identified Community Partnerships as one of the Six Pillars of the VA’s Homeless Initiative.  This Pillar is premised on the belief that grass roots movements of communities taking care of their own will have a decisive impact on Veteran Homelessness.

Inspired by Secretary Shinseki’s vision, Retired Army Captain Philip A. Williams created The 131,000 Challenge.  The 131,000 Challenge represents a line drawn in the sand in which we, as grateful citizens, affirmatively state “No More.”  To date, there have been six successful Challenges, with monies raised going directly and entirely to a selected non-profit organization that serves homeless veterans in our communities.

On May 12th, The Blue Waters Group will issue The 131,000 Challenge at Folsom Expo, the region’s premiere business expo.  A booth will be open from 10 AM – 2 PM for willing visitors at the expo to do push-ups or sit-ups to raise awareness and funds for our nation’s 131,000 homeless Vets.  Local businesses and individuals will pledge funds for every push-up and sit-up completed.  All proceeds benefit the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center (SVRC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit  organization.

Names of pledging businesses and individuals will be prominently displayed at the Folsom Connections booth.  To pledge funds, please complete this form and return to The Blue Waters Group. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with The Blue Waters Group to raise awareness and funds for such a worthy cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matt Sundermier at 916-365-4770.

Join us. Rise to the Challenge.
-The Blue Waters Group